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Altafid SA was created together with the main executives from the branch of Ernst & Young in Neuchâtel and since 2005 it took over most of Ernst & Young activities and collaborators.
The company is exclusively run by Mrs. Laurence Barthoulot, Tax lawyer, and counts today fifteen collaborators with the international experience from Ernst & Young or SME.
Altafid is an advices company on a human scale. We can provide tailor made services to local clients but also benefit from Ernst & Young SA's international experienced specialists to support those requiring a wider network of services.
In keeping a hand to hand collaboration with Ernst & Young, and working with a network of  multi skilled companies, Altafid is an expert for national and international mandates.
Based on profesionnal softwares and updated sources of information, Altafid is qualified to answer its clients in a flexible and personnalized way at planned and market competitive costs.
Our team will be able to answer your questions in the three national languages as well as in English.